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Mindset Episode #1: 7 Traits For Success

I’m a keen advocate of personal development and enjoy watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading books on this matter. So I’ve decided to share what I learn to help me reinforce the knowledge, but also to benefit those, who don’t have the time to do this themselves (although, having that said… ’not having time’ is not […]

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Answer To The Dumbest Question EVER!

Yep, that’s right… D.U.M.B.E.S.T Questions EVER! Ok, so you’re probably wondering what these questions are. Good thing I shot a quick video explaining just that! It would definitely help you understand a lot more as to why it could be quite irritating. There you have it! Anyone who asks these types of questions are simply […]

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Excuses LITERALLY Destroys Lives…

Ok… Maybe the headline was a little extreme BUT I just wanted to emphasize how the labels we give ourselves really affect our outcome. That’s why it is so important that you watch the short video I shot below. It will explain how the things we say can have  a huge impact to our life’s success… […]

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