Tee Marketing Academy Honest Review

As some of you may know, Teespring has been an epic journey for me when it comes to selling t-shirts online. It’s a business like no other, I mean… who doesn’t wear t-shirts?

By harnessing the power of Teespring, selling tees to people all around the world has never been easier. All the hassle of shipping and handling are taken care of and we can forget about dealing with customer support.

Now, the reason why I’m bringing up Teespring is because my mate, Peter Chan Jr. recently dropped a course called Tee Marketing Academy. As I had the opportunity to check out the course, I felt the need to share my thoughts.

Before I begin with the actual course itself, let’s talk about the man behind it all – Peter Chan Jr.

Peter has had many successes over at Teespring. He has cracked the 6-figure mark multiple times by just using Facebook marketing alone. It would come at no surprised that he would kill it in selling T-shirts, too. That’s also something that I have learnt over the years. Once you have mastered a certain skill, taking on new challenges will be THAT much easier.

He is currently smashing it on Teespring and he has also been featured as one of the top affiliates in Teespring.

This might sound good and all, but more importantly, could you replicate his results?

This is where Tee Marketing Academy comes in.

Tee Marketing Academy is what he considers to be his dead simple “7 step by step” T-shirt marketing formula. Now, did it live up to what he claims?

You can check it out for yourself and watch this video.

The course itself has over 70 videos on how to market on Teespring and it is all broken down in a step-by-step manner.

The type of trainings you can expect is like watching over his shoulder and seeing exactly what he does to making a killing.

This is a quick breakdown of the course:

  • Discover the 7 Simple Steps that Peter uses to earn 6-figures on a consistent basis using the power of Facebook and Teespring.
  • Discover his formula to finding profitable niches (i.e. highly passionate fans) who are ready to pay for the shirts.
  • Discover how to target on Facebook, so you could place your shirt in front of hungry buyers and pay pennies for it.
  • Discover the secrets to designing T-shirt graphics that sell even without any experience.
  • Discover how to scale those winning campaigns in the most efficient way.
  • Discover how to set up “Re-Targeting” campaigns.
  • Lastly, discover how to drive a ton of traffic from Facebook at any given time.
  • Gain instant access to Peter’s Facebook Closed Mastermind group.

I must say, this is by far, one of the most complete courses out there on Teespring marketing. Peter is definitely out-doing himself here.

Even with prior knowledge and experience, there were a few golden nuggets. Goes to show that there is always room to grow!

So why am I sharing this to you – our loyal readers?

As you may or may not know, we don’t recommend just any course. We only share it, if we truly believe that our readers could benefit from it.

Then and only then, are we going to promote it.

So, as I’ve gone through the course myself, I can say that I truly endorse Tee Marketing Academy.

Whether you are new to the game, new to Teespring or even Facebook, this course caters for anybody, who is willing to take massive action.

Not all big timers can put together a course this well, so I have to hand it to Peter.

If there’s any doubt whether or not his 7 steps work – I suggest checking out his case study, where he implements the exact 7 steps. The results will amaze you.

When you’re ready to take Teespring marketing to the next level, I highly recommend you check out Tee Marketing Academy. Did I forget to mention that there’s a special discount? Get on it, quick!

To even further sweeten the pot, I had a quick chat with Chuck and we’re happy to give a very special bonus to the first 10 action takers, who purchase through us.

What you will be getting is COMPLETE access to Super Affiliate Academy. Need I say more?

This is our flagship, but we felt like rewarding those who are willing to take fast action.

This is completely exclusive and again, we don’t do this for just any course.

To get instant access to Super Affiliate Academy, head over to our bonus page, where we explain all the steps required. 

Follow it to a T.

Remember, this is only limited to the first 10 fast action takers.

I’m sure you can understand why.

This is Andy and Tee Marketing Academy has my stamp of approval!

I look forwarding to talking to you soon!

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