Chris Record Lifepreneur Review

Today I’m going to give you my honest Lifepreneur Review. Just so you know, this company is still in its pre-launch phase with its official launch being June 2018. So if you’re reading this Lifepreneur Review before June 2018, and if you like the sounds of it, now is the best time to check it out for some awesome bonuses and a massive discount.

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Another thing I want to say is that this Lifepreneur Review is based on me researching and studying Chris Record (co-founder of Lifepreneur) and his brand new company only. This is because the actual courses of Lifepreneur have not been released yet because it’s still in its pre-launch phase.

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Nevertheless, Chris Record is the real deal and you can trust that anything he launches will be big. So without further ado, let’s talk about at the man himself.

Who’s behind it? – The Man Behind Lifepreneur

As you know, with any products like these, you want to do your due diligence on first, the founder. Because no matter how great a product is, there’s no future for the company if the leader can’t deliver.

Luckily for us, the founder, in this case, is 8-figure per year income earner and serial online entrepreneur Chris Record himself.

If you have an online business, or especially if you’re in the online marketing space, you’ve probably heard of him. In the online marketing world, this guy is known as the big product launch guy.

Chris Record’s Previous Successes

Lifepreneur Review Chris Record

He first started his online journey as an affiliate marketer like everybody else and within one full year made sales of over $1,000,000 which earned him over $485,000 in commissions. Then in 2014 and 2015, Record did somewhere around ten million dollars in sales from product launches alone.

Other than his successful product launches, Record’s also known for his previous company, Tecademics, which he founded in 2016. Of course, he made multiple millions there as well.

His Brand New Company Lifepreneur

Fast forward 2 years later, he left Tecademics, moved to Las Vegas and started a new project altogether – his brand new company, LifePreneur.

As you can see, this guy’s the real deal. You don’t wanna miss out on any of Chris Record’s launches, especially this one. The best part is, LifePreneur is still in the pre-launch phase in February 2018. Its official launch will be in June 2018.

Skip this Lifepreneur Review to the bonus section, to see exactly what bonuses you will be getting on top as well.

However if you’d like me to break down what the actual product is all about, keep reading below as I reveal my honest review of Lifepreneur.

What Is it? – Lifepreneur Reviewed

So Chris Record actually partnered up with Peter Sorenson to co-found Lifepreneur, which is a brand new company where he teaches you exactly how to become an online entrepreneur and live the ultimate digital lifestyle. In this Lifepreneur Review, let me first break down the idea and vision behind Lifepreneur and then I’ll go straight into the four core courses that Lifepreneur is made up of.

The Vision Behind Lifepreneur…

Review of Lifepreneur Logo

Chris Record’s vision behind Lifepreneur is for you to become a successful online entrepreneur who’s skilled at affiliate marketing as well as investing. In fact, let’s dive into his 4-step vision in a bit more detail.

First, learn internet marketing skills.

Chris Record believes that with internet marketing skills, you can make it big in any industry or online business model you choose.

Second, monetize your skills.

It only makes sense. Once you learn the ropes, you offer your services to people or other businesses to start earning the big bucks. It’s also a plus that there are more and more businesses today who migrate online. This would be your opportunity to help them and become a marketing services company high in demand.

Thirdly, monetize using the affiliate marketing model.

Coming from an affiliate marketer’s background, Chris Record still stands by the fact that affiliate marketing is the single most beginner friendly business model. This is because there are literally thousands of products you can choose to promote to start earning commissions. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about payment processing, shipping, and handling, customer support or even complaints. It gives you passive income with the least amount of effort.

The fourth part is to increase your income through investing.

This is another no-brainer. Once you make money fast, as an affiliate marketer, you can start putting your money to work. So that money works to make you even more money. Here, Peter Sorenson himself will interview successful investors and share their tips first-hand.

You see, the entire Lifepreneur model is practical and designed to be easily implemented. It’s set up in a way where you can create a lifestyle business with multiple streams of income, not just one. And the best part is, with multiple streams of passive income, you’ll be able to free up more time to spend with your family and friends. It’s not just about the money, it’s about your life as a whole. Hence – Lifepreneur.

Lifepreneur’s 4 Core Products Lines…

Now in terms of specifics and what exactly the courses are, Lifepreneur is made up of 4 Core Product Lines which will be released by June 2018 (official launch date). These are:

1. Social Media Influencer Academy ($1,000 Value)

A brand new product from Chris Record on how to grow your business with social media.

2. Digital Agency Builders Program ($2,000 Value)

Learn how to become a marketing funnel expert and how to build a services business offering online marketing services using the Click Funnels platform.

3. Penthouse Mastermind Group ($3,000 Value)

Get access to a private mastermind event with Chris Record where you can meet, learn and mingle with other entrepreneurs building an online business.

4. 4C Investor Roundtable ($4,000 Value)

Learn how to invest and increase your network by watching interviews with top investors.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: The price listed above is the price that will be available to the general public on its official launch date in June 2018. So if you’re reading this Lifepreneur Review before June 2018, Chris Record has a special promotion going on for you.
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Why You Should Join

As mentioned throughout this Lifepreneur Review, if you’re going to join, now is the best time because Chris Record has a very special promotion going on right now for anyone who joins before June 2018. I promise you, you will not be disappointed by the massive discount he’ll give you.

In fact, you know when people talk about how Bitcoin was dirt cheap back in 2010 and how they should’ve jumped on it? This is the same thing. If you’re going to join Chris Record, the serial 8-figure per year income earner, now’s the time. This is a huge opportunity.

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Now having said that, once you join, apart from getting the four main core products at a massive discount, you’ll also be getting access all of Chris Record’s previous programs and courses which he sold for thousands of dollars alone.

Think of any courses on becoming an online entrepreneur, you’ve ever wanted to learn about. Facebook marketing? Shopify? Instagram marketing? Chris Record’s done them all. So continue reading this Lifepreneur Review if you want to know what these courses are and how you can get them absolutely for free.

Here are the bonuses you’ll get on top:

Shopify Mini-Training Series

– 12 Video Bootcamp
– Previously featured on Chris Record’s Vlogs
– Organized and Repurposed for Lifepreneur Members
– Covers In-Depth Shopify Training and Selling Techniques

Shopify 90-Day Ecom Challenge

– 90 Videos to help you build and grow a Shopify business online.
– Guest Interviews with 6-figure and 7-figure producers
– Rivals most of the top Shopify courses available in the market.

Facebook Advertising Training

– Access to Dark Post Profits 1.0
– Access to Dark Post Profits 2.0
– Access to the 3 Zero Club VIP
– Several Interviews with 7-Figure Facebook Advertisers

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

– Bootcamp designed to help you succeed in Affiliate Marketing
– Strategies to build a massive email list to promote offers.
– How to create compelling bonuses that convert more affiliate sales.
– Access to the top affiliate networks that have the highest converting offers for your list.

Entrepreneur Vlog Features

– An organized list of the top teaching vlogs that Chris Record produced in 2017.
– Learn from a multi-million dollar producer directly.

Entrepreneur Rap Series

– All of Chris Record’s Entrepreneur raps in one place for motivation.
– Listen to these songs when you want to play music but want to be educated at the same time!

6-Figure Traffic Academy Replays

– High-End money making webinars designed to help you become a top internet marketer online.
– These rare webinar replays haven’t been published in years.

7-Figure Traffic Academy Replays

– Members previously paid $10K to attend these private masterminds.
– Now you can watch several replays of these live events as a bonus!

Conference Recordings

– Previously sold for $497 each, these conference recordings are filled with extreme value
– These principles are timeless and are still relevant in 2018,

How to Raise Capital

– LifePreneur Co-Founder Peter Sorensen teaches strategies to help you raise capital for your business.
– Learn how to overcome your money objections forever!

Beginner Instagram Training

– Chris Record shares the basics of Instagram marketing and how to have a professional profile.
– Learn how to brand yourself and grow your Instagram following.

Facebook Marketing Hacks

– Learn how to market your business on Facebook using these hacks
– Most people didn’t even know that you could do this on Facebook!

So these are all the BONUSES you’ll get on top when you join Chris Record before June 2018.

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LIMITED TIME ONLY: Special Pre-launch Offer

As you can see, the 4 core products are already worth $10,000. Now if you include the BONUS of all of Chris Records courses that he’s ever created in the past, the value of becoming a Lifepreneur today is well over $20,000.

And remember, when Chris Record officially launches LifePreneur in June 2018, people will have to buy his 4 core courses at the price you saw above. Which all totals $10,000 if you get all four courses. Of course, you can buy them separately as well.

But again, Chris Record is running a very special promotion right now. So if you’re reading this Lifepreneur Review before June 2018, you should definitely jump on the offer now.

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So that’s it from me. Hope you enjoyed my honest Lifepreneur Review.

As always, take massive action guys!

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