Proven List Buiding Strategy To Build Your Email List Of Susbcribers Fast

Building an email list can sometimes be extremely difficult and frustrating. However, everything is going to change today! I’m going to show you exactly how to build a responsive list of subscribers as fast as possible by tapping into email traffic.

This tutorial will reveal EVERYTHING you need to know about list building and email traffic, so you can go out there and completely smash it up!

What Will You Discover In This Tutorial

  • How to capture leads by building high converting squeeze pages
  • The number one traffic source when it comes to list building
  • Why you should never send your leads to the download page
  • Understanding funnels and high converting products
  • How to maximize your profits through email marketing

As you can see, list building is pretty intense but if you read the whole article and actually implement what you’re about to discover. You’ll realise how easy and fun list building really is…

Just in case you have somehow landed on this page and do not know what list building is, give me just 2 seconds to explain really quickly.

List building just means building a list of emails (legitimately with the prospects’ permission) so that we can further communicate with them and ultimately sell more products over and over again.

If you can master the art of list building, you can literally print money on demand. (True story!)

So… Let’s start off with the good old saying… “The Money Is In The List

This one phrase has been responsible for so many failures within our industry. Some religious marketers live and breathe by this mantra. All they care about is building a giant list and you know what? In the end, they are still NOT making money.

If this sounds anything like you, you’re not alone. I was once like that as well.

But hang on a second! If that’s the case, where exactly is the money and why should we build a list?

Good question!

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Core Skill #1: Capturing Your Leads The Correct Way

The first core skill you need to master is Capturing Your Leads. This is the step where you need to offer your prospect a quality Lead Magnet and in return they give you their email. The little page that you use to capture your lead is known as a Squeeze Page. For those who don’t know, a squeeze page is basically just a simple page designed to purely capture your prospects email address.

If you don’t know how to build a squeeze page, I highly recommend you check out these tutorials, where I walk you through step by step on how to use tools to build them.

It’s disgusting how the industry’s average squeeze page converts at a low 25-30%. This means for every 100 visitors that land on the squeeze page, only 25-30 people subscribe. The rest of the visitors are lost and gone… FOREVER!

If this is you, you need to pay close attention, because increasing the opt in conversion can change a losing campaign into a 6 figure profitable campaign.  So, the first step before doing anything else is to learn how to increase your opt in conversions.

There are definitely lots of strategies you can implement to increase your conversion.

This is where Split Testing & Optimization come into play. You need to understand how to split test and optimize correctly, because marketing is a game of data. Your entire marketing strategy is focused on results, which is determined by your data.

So even if you THINK one squeeze page may convert better than another, you still need to split test them because you can NEVER know for sure.

Copy-writing is also very important. You need to know your market audience so well, that you can speak their language and directly address their desire or pain. You want them to feel like they need your lead magnet  and subscribe voluntarily.

There’s lots of hard work involved guys!

But trust me, if you take this step seriously and focus on increasing the opt in conversions, you WILL become an awesome marketer.

Core Skill #2: Traffic Generation – The Number 1 Source

Next is Traffic Generation.

Now there are many different traffic generation methods out there such as Search Engine Traffic, YouTube, Bing PPC, PPV, Media Buying and so on but the number 1 traffic method I recommend to build your list Through The Power Of Solo Ads

So what exactly are Solo ads?

For those who don’t know, solo ads are email traffic which you pay for.

Essentially, we are paying other marketers, who already have a gigantic list, a small fee and in return they will email their list with OUR links.

So, say Bob has a list of 23,000 subscribers and you want to buy solo ads from him. You will pay him a certain amount for an agreed number of clicks and he will then email his list until he meets all the clicks you’ve paid for. 

So you’re probably thinking that solo ads sound so simple and easy, right?

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Correct, it is in fact VERY easy! You literally just pay and wait for the results. That being said, there are lots and lots of strategies, when it comes to communicating with vendors (Solo Ad Sellers), preparing your email swipes, your call to action, your subject line and so on. It’s even more important when it comes to tracking and Testing Solo Ad Sellers.

Here is what most newbie marketers will do: They buy some course on solo ads and say to themselves, “OMG, THIS IS SO EASY, LET’S BUY SOLO ADS AND SEND THEM TO MY CLICKBANK AFFILIATE LINK OR SQUEEZE PAGE AND MAKE A TON OF MONEY”

And yes, I did exactly that when I first started, so I know exactly how silly it is.

If you’re still reading this tutorial, I want you to stay focused and prepare yourself for hard work, because this is what I want YOU to do when you purchase solo ads.

  1. Create a “Spreadsheet Of Vendors” with well organised data. Include the date, amount of clicks, conversion rates, costs, number of over-delivered clicks, return of investment, and so on. 
  2. Set up your tracking correctly. You want to make sure your conversion pixel, your auto responder, all tracking links and your rotator link are working properly. Pretty much, you want to make sure EVERYTHING is functioning correctly. Double check! This may take one whole day to set up and it’s a must! Check out my tracking tutorial for solo ads here.
  3. The last step is to Prepare Your Questions For The Vendors, your email swipes, your subject lines and your call to actions (No one does this right!).

In a nut shell, Solo ads is without a doubt the BEST traffic generation, when it comes to building a list. There’s definitely a lot of other methods but they require a different skill set, which you can learn more about in another tutorial.

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However, before you purchase any clicks from solo ads vendors, you need to make sure you get the fundamental steps all set up correctly. You want to be able to control your business. Avoid marketing blindly like most mediocre marketers out there. If you don’t know how to set up these fundamentals I highly recommend you read the articles I have linked above.

Core Skill #3: Funnels & Picking A Highly Converting Offer

Next, we have Funnels and Picking A Highly Converting Product.

Wait, let’s recap on everything we’ve covered so far.

Let’s assume you’ve gone through all the information and now understand, what list building is, how to create highly converting squeeze pages. You understand the importance of split testing and tracking your squeeze pages and traffic sources. You also understand the importance of speaking the market’s language and having a good lead magnet. What now?

You’re ready to market!

Here comes another sad fact! Are you ready?

If you do everything right up to this point, but you fail to promote a highly converting product with no up-sells or back-end products … You again will fail…

Let me ask you a simple question:

Would you rather make $17 in commission per sale or $47?

Of course, the $47 product, right? But what if the $17 product has an up-sell and more back-end products, where you can potentially make $97 and $197 in commission?

Which one would you rather promote now?

I know this is common sense, but I see so many marketers just promote EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

Please don’t do that!

Product Funnel

You’re paying for traffic and you want to make the most out of it! You want to promote a product with a proven funnel that converts. Read this article where I explain the Importance Of A Funnel.

Here are some tips and strategies when you’re looking for a product to promote. Always consider the following questions:

  1. Does the front end product convert? If it doesn’t, run away because you won’t make any money, period!
  2. Does it have a funnel and some High Ticket Back-End? You want to promote products from which you can potentially earn hundreds/thousands of dollars, not some low $10 commission.
  3. Does the product live up to what it promises? No one ever takes this step into consideration, because all they care about are the commissions that show up in their affiliate network account. But what actually happens is that you WILL LOSE all your commissions if the product is crap and everyone starts refunding. This has happened to me and that’s why I only promote good products which I believe in.

I hope you’ve at least learnt something valuable up to this point, because I really do want you to succeed, especially if you’re still reading this 🙂

Core Skill #4: Email Marketing – Holy Grail Of List Building

The time has come guys. It’s time to talk about “Where The Money Really Is”.

Because it’s definitely NOT in the list. If it were, spammers would be billionaires, right? That’s what Frank Kern said anyway so it has to be right. (lol)

And no. It’s NOT in the relationship with your list. I once built a list where all I did was giving value and I NEVER pitched anything … not surprisingly, this approach made me no money. I’m sure you have probably tried the same thing, it doesn’t work!

And no. It’s NOT in the communication with your list. You can shoot videos, do live hangouts, do free webinars and all the goodies, but if you don’t pitch, you won’t make sales, period.

So, where the heck is the money then?

You ready? 

“The Money Is In Your Ability To Engineer Your Sales Pitch”

Trust me I'm an email marketer

I won’t talk much about it here because it will confuse you!

But let’s just say that even if you truly understand the concept and do not implement it all, your sales would still increase. That’s how powerful this stuff really is.

I shot a video and wrote an intense post about “How You Can Increase ROI By 1000% With Email Marketing where you can learn the secrets behind email marketing and how to maximize your profits!

So guys, that’s pretty much it for this tutorial.

Let’s Do A Quick Recap

and some homework to ensure you go out there and start smashing it up 🙂

You need to learn how to capture leads in gangster fashion. These are the skills required to do so:

  1. Split Testing & Optimization
  2. Speaking Your Market’s Language
  3. Creating a Quality Lead Magnet
  4. Some Basic Copy-Writing

Next, you need to learn how to buy solo ads the correct way. The skills required are:

  1. Preparing your spreadsheet and collecting ALL the data you possibly can
  2. Making sure all your testing and tracking are all well planned out and working properly
  3. Communication, email swipes and building relationships with vendors will greatly help you boost your profits

Next, you want to promote a winning product. There are many criteria that determines a winning product, but the main skills required are:

  1. Understand the importance of a funnel. This is pretty much the upsell, OTO, Back-end and so on.
  2. Being able to judge the conversion of a product by using stats and basic research
  3. Researching the vendor and find out if the product lives up to its promise

Finally, we have email marketing, where 90% of your income is going to come from.

The skills required to master this step has been explained in this post.

Again, guys I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you have any questions or if I missed anything important…

Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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