Epic Squeeze Page Review And Full Tutorial Walk-Through

Epic Squeeze Page is a plugin created by Juan Morales and its only purpose is to design nice looking squeeze pages.

In this Epic Squeeze Page Review, I want to discuss some of the features of this plugin, so you can have a better idea before actually purchasing it.

Keep in mind this is just a review. ūüôā

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I could have written a super long essay on how to use Epic Squeeze Page, but I wouldn’t have been able to explain it very well. So for starters, I recommend you watch this video first to see how Epic Squeeze Page works.


Epic Squeeze page is extremely easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to create these “Guru”standard squeeze pages. It can be integrated with¬†all the main auto-responders like Get Response and Aweber,¬†which is always an awesome thing.

What I love the most about this plugin is the ability to customize the background with just a couple of clicks. I’ve used many templates in the past, where I had to create the entire squeeze page from scratch if I wanted to change something major like the background image.

I’m very glad we have come a long way since then and with Epic Squeeze Page life has just gotten a tad bit easier. ūüôā

Main Features Of Epic Squeeze Page

The main features of this plugin are:

1. Background Image: The plugin allows you to take any image you want and use that as your background.

Here is an example of a completed squeeze page with a stock background image. This is pretty handy, because merely changing the background image can give your squeeze page an entirely different feel.

[su_frame]epic squeeze page[/su_frame]

2. Box Opacity: As you can see from the image above, the box is transparent which makes the overall squeeze page look a lot neater and adds more style to it. This can be quite beneficial, especially if you’re trying to build a list in the weight loss niche for example and have an image of a before/after as your background. You can adjust the box opacity anywhere from zero (Fully transparent) to 100 (Zero transparency). This way you won’t obscure your image.

3. Button animation: When your squeeze page appears, you have the option to animate the button to draw more attention to it. There’s a few animation options, but just to name a few examples, you can have the button flashing or swinging. The idea behind this feature is to increase your visitors’ attention to the call to action button, which in turn will hopefully increase conversions.

4. Option¬†to have a video playing as a background. Now I don’t really like this feature, because it sort of distracts the visitors, but I’ve actually never tried it myself. Maybe it’s actually helpful, so you have to split test and see for yourself.

5. GEO Targeting: Epic Squeeze Page has some advanced settings, where you can track clicks, conversions and also apply GEO targeting to all of your clicks and conversions. This is powerful stuff, especially if you’re doing solo ads, where you can enhance¬†the quality of your traffic. This will also benefit anyone doing CPA marketing as well as it can filter out certain countries to make¬†sure you only get tier 1 leads.

There’s actually a few more awesome features, but I think you get the point. The plugin pretty much allows you to create nice looking squeeze pages with literally just a few clicks of your mouse and some basic text.

There is. however. a few things I don’t like about Epic Squeeze Page. It doesn’t allow you to build any other pages like sales pages, marketing funnels, download pages and so on.

That being said, if you’re only looking for a tool to build squeeze pages, I highly recommend you check¬†this one out!

Thousands of copies have been sold and they are always updating it, so you can rest assured that you will get full support from Juan Morales.

That’s pretty much it and I hope you guys enjoyed the review.

Read a detailed tutorial on list building here.

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