Mindset Episode #1: 7 Traits For Success

I’m a keen advocate of personal development and enjoy watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading books on this matter. So I’ve decided to share what I learn to help me reinforce the knowledge, but also to benefit those, who don’t have the time to do this themselves (although, having that said… ’not having time’ is not a good enough excuse when you think about it…).

To summarise what I call my personal ‘Mindset Project’

  • I want to strive to write a post about what I learn from reading or watching mindset videos.
  • I want to complete a specific task from the concept learnt
  • I want to shoot a video to log my own personal development


The purpose of this project is to further develop my entrepreneurial mindset and to dramatically increase my productivity and ultimately my income as well!

So recently, I have picked up an awesome book called “Unlimited Power” by Tony Robbins and today I want to share what I’ve read so far.

So let’s dive right in.

The beginning of this book offers an exploration of successful people all around the world and what they have in common. In fact, Tony narrows this down to 7 essential traits that successful people have mastered to avalanche their success.

Trait #1: Passion

The first one is obvious. Passion is what drives a pro tennis player to practice multiple hours every day, even though his or her muscles are aching like hell. Passion is also what has driven you to tap into internet marketing, because you’re passionate about quitting the rat race and providing a great life for your family. In other words, passion adds meaning to your life.

Trait #2: Belief

If you have great passion for professional body building, but don’t believe you can do it… you might as well just quit. You need to believe in your goals and you must be able to see yourself achieve them.

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Trait #3: Strategy

A strategy is how you can get from A to Z. Sometimes this means you’ll have to take the shotgun approach and learn through trial and error until you find the one strategy that works for you.

Trait #4: Clarity of values

As Tony puts it, “these things are values, the fundamental, ethical, moral, and practical judgements we make about what’s important, what really matters. Values are specific belief systems we have about what is right and wrong for our lives.” I think that summarises this point quite well.

Trait #5: Energy

This includes spiritual, emotional and physical energy to cease opportunities and shape them. Even though time is the single limited resource that we don’t have control over in our life, most people don’t value their time until it is close to running out.

Trait #6: Bonding power!

Most successful people are able to move masses of millions of people and connect with them. In other words, if you want to make millions, you have to move millions of people.

Trait #7: Mastery of communication

Communication does not only refer to external communication, which involves being able to paint your vision or joy for other people, but also internal communication, which is about how you communicate with yourself. You see, many people perceive adversities and challenges as limitations and in turn, this will become their reality.

Instead, if a person chooses to perceive adversities as opportunities to grow and learn, this will also become their reality. The bottom line is therefore that your perception will shape your reality and you alone have the power to change it (and hence, you alone are in the position to change your reality).

Hope that makes sense!

There you have it. This is episode 1 one of my mindset project. Hope you enjoyed it!

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