Mindset Episode #2: The Art Of Modelling

Today I want to talk about modelling (no, not for photo shoots!). Imitation is probably one of the first life skills we learn as a baby. We try to imitate the sound of words and later learn to attach meaning to them. We learn to model the behaviour of our fellow class mates, because we also want to reap the positive reward that we associate with it (good grades, recognition, admiration, the teacher’s attention etc.).

We looked up to our parents as role models and strived to be as ‘…[insert desired outcome]…’ as them.

Now a lot of it happens at the unconscious level and we are barely aware of it. However, if you study successful people, you’ll soon realise that their success was brought about by modelling another person’s success. We are who we are as a result of the conscious and unconscious modelling that takes place over our lifetime.

If you wanted to get really nerdy, it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, too. We copy and model what has been proven to work in order to thrive.

So what’s the point of me telling you this?

The bottom line is: Success can be modelled and replicated.

What I mean is, if you model a successful entrepreneur, you will also achieve your own personal success. Just pick your role model and copy what they do to a tee. Of course you won’t get things right the first time around, you only have to get yourself in the right direction and eventually you’ll get there with strong determination and smart action taking.

Whatever industry you are in, there will always be successful people to model. So go out there and model successful people in your niche!

No excuses. Finito. 🙂

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