Mindset Episode #3: Focus On Your Goal

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you can’t seem to focus on your goals? Why is it that people join the gym and go hard out for 1 or 2 months tops and then fall back into their lazy routines?

The irony is though that simply having a gym membership makes them feel better about themselves, even if this means that they are wasting money every single month. It makes them feel better, because ‘just in case’ one day they pick up the motivation to go gym, they will have access to it readily.

Another common example we see all the time is dieting. Why else do you think obesity is such a huge health problem in most developed countries?

Now of course, the majority of overweight people aren’t happy being overweight, because it affects their health, their self-confidence, their self-esteem, their relationship with others – you name it.

However, (true medical conditions aside) people resort to food when they are in need of comfort. And they ‘can’t help themselves, but to eat and eat’, even tough every morning it pains them to the core to get out of bed, look at themselves and realise how big of a problem their weight has become.

For most people, that pain is not enough to make them focus on their dieting, exercising or weight goals… why is that?

It makes no sense!

The only plausible answer I can come up with is that it is way WAY easier to simply fall back into bad habits than to focus on your goal, even if the habits are detrimental to your health.

Now if we can’t own our own bodies and really take control of it, how can we achieve control of our life, where there are many more external influencing factors and how can we focus on breaking out of the rat race, when we can’t even shut up the devil’s voice inside our heads?

It’s a fact that the majority of people never fulfil their New Year’s resolution. According to Tony Robbins, by January 15th 95% of people, who have made a New Year’s resolution, have already broken it.

I invite you to watch this powerful mindset video by Tony Robbins below and really implement the concepts into your every day routine.


Stay focused and take massive action! 🙂

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