Thrive Leads Review & Full Plugin Walk Through

Thrive leads by Shane Melaugh is a WordPress plugin designed to help you build your email list directly from your website. This article is a full Thrive Leads Review, so read on to find out everything you need to know about the plugin, before making an informed decision about investing in plugins for list building.


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Thrive Leads Review: Features

Thrive Leads Feature #1: Top or Bottom Ribbon

This ribbon feature allows you to install a neat ribbon that is 100% static. The ribbon will appear from the top to the bottom of your blog. This means that when your visitors are scrolling down the page, the ribbon still remains visible.

Here is an example of how we used the ribbon feature:

Ribbon Opt In

The best part about this feature is the ability to customize it, so that it is congruent to your website. You can pretty much change everything you want, like the colour background, the size, the text, the call to action button and so on.

I highly recommend using this feature for your website, because it’s one of the first things your prospect sees as soon as they land on your website.

In turn, this allows you to capture even more leads.

Thrive Leads Feature #2: Sidebar Widget

Every single website or blog should have an optin form on the sidebar for the readers to subscribe to your list. Thrive Leads just makes it 10 times easier with their done-for-you templates and the drag-and-drop customization editor.

Below are some pre-templates that you can immediately use with this feature.

Sidebar Widget Opt in

As you can see, their templates look very professional and you also have the option to use images or videos if you like.

I highly recommend, if you haven’t already done so, to always have a side bar opt in form, because that’s the number 1 place for visitors to convert into leads.

Just remember to always use a lead magnet, when capturing your leads and do not just simply ask them to join your newsletter.

It’s best practice to give them a benefit to join your list!

Thrive Leads Feature #3: Post Footer

One of the best moments to ask your readers for their email address is after they have read a quality blog post of yours.

That’s because if they have read your post to the end, it’s very likely that they trust and like you by this time. That’s where post footer comes in.

Post footer is a feature within Thrive Leads that allows you to place an optin box at the end of all your posts. Below is a post footer we’ve previously used on our blog. You might have seen it already!

post footer

As you can see, it looks very neat and comes across as a continuation of the blog post.

Keep in mind that the message and call to action for the footer post has to be congruent to the blog post.

This is because in order for the reader to even see this box, they have to read your post to the very end. This is why we need to grab the visitors’ attention with a question like, “Did You Enjoy The Blog Post?”.

Again, Thrive Leads makes it extremely easy for us by supplying pre-made templates that we can use straight away.

Below are some examples of the different templates.

post footer template


Thrive Leads Feature #4: Slide Ins

We’re actually not using slide ins at the moment, because we personally feel like it’s a bit too big and could annoy our readers.

That being said, the slide in feature looks extremely powerful, as it really does grab your visitors attention and I can definitely see it bringing in huge reader to leads conversion rate.

Below is an example of what a slide in looks like.

slide in leads


As you can see, the slide in feature can easily grab your visitor’s attention and potentially increase your email list opt ins.

However, it blocks out a lot of the screen and so it can appear a little too spammy. Maybe if you had your sidebar on the left, instead of on the right side, it might just look a lot neater.

Thrive Leads Feature #5: In-Content

Have you ever read a post and saw random opt in forms within the actual post?

That is actually called an “In-Content Optin Box”. Some marketers prefer not to have this activated, because it can potentially annoy the readers, while others prioritize list building above everything else.

We have an In-Content box after every 7 paragraphs to ensure that the reader has gone through a certain amount of information first and hopefully that is enough for them to continue reading and not get annoyed at the optin box.

We also used a white background for our in-content box to minimize the “spammy” look.

When it comes to building a list from your blog or your website, there’s a compromise you have to make between annoying your readers and actually building your list.

Below are some templates that come with the In-Content feature.

In content

Thrive Leads Feature #6: Light box (Multi-Purpose)

For those who don’t know, light boxes are boxes that appear over your website as a pop up. Below is an example of what a light box looks like:


The good thing about this feature is the ability to trigger it whenever you want.

You can choose to trigger a light box like the one in the image above whenever you want. Below are the options you can choose to trigger the light box.

lightbox trigger

As you can see, the Trigger Settings are pretty straight forward.

For example, you can set it to appear ‘after a certain period of time’ or you can choose to have it appear ‘when the user scrolls down a specific part of the content’.

I think it’s pretty awesome how you can really specify exactly when you want the light box to appear, even if it is something like ‘when the user clicks an element’.

I mean you can’t get more laser-specific than that!

Conclusion: Thrive Leads – yes or no?

We are very happy with Thrive Leads, because it’s so user-friendly and does everything (and beyond) what we would want from a plugin designed for list building.

The done-for-you templates really simplify the design aspect of the different capture elements and I usually don’t even change the colour or font because I quite like the professional templates.

I recommend Thrive Leads for anyone, who is looking for an all-in-one plugin to monetize their blog or website through list building.

Like I’ve pointed out multiple times in this Thrive Leads review, it is truly easy to use and has generated awesome conversation rates for us.

The different features that Thrive Leads offers are so varied that it will suit all kinds of websites and blogs.

You can find out more about Thrive Leads on their website here.

That’s the end of this Thrive Leads review. 🙂

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