Mindset Episode #4: Your Belief Shapes Reality

Here is a truth that not many people realise: What you believe will shape your reality. If you believe you can’t do something, chances are that you won’t be able to do it. If you think you can’t compete with your competitors, there is honestly no point in even trying. That’s because if you already believe that you can’t compete, your mind will adjust to this belief and hence your action will be coordinated to match that belief also.

I am sure by now you won’t be surprised any more, when I reference a video by Tony Robbins. I highly recommend you watch the mindset video below. I understand that it’s a little long, so I recommend you skip the first 6-10 minutes of the introduction. The concepts that Tony discusses in this video are really important and I truly believe that this can be a deciding factor between an achiever’s mindset and that of a failure.

The important points to take away from this video are:

  1. Constantly obsess about what makes you ‘hungry’ and what’s your ‘why’.
  2. You need to stick to daily rituals to condition yourself to take massive action each and every day. There are no excuses. Once you follow certain rituals every single day, they become second nature. You’ll start doing them without even thinking.
  3. Certainty is the difference between achievers and failures. Achievers can see the results they want to achieve well in advance. They are so convinced by their future results that they take massive actions towards making those results reality. Mindset Episode 4 Your Belief Shapes Reality
  4. In the video Tony draws out a flowchart that summarises these concepts. When we first start out, every human being has 100% potential. When we take certain actions, we get certain results. And in turn, these results reconfirm our beliefs. Now, if our beliefs were weak to begin with, our potential decreases, which means we will take less or ineffective action. This gets us poor results, which again reconfirms our belief that we couldn’t have done it in the first place. Of course the opposite is equally true. If you have strong and unshakable beliefs, you will be able to use all of your potential and take massive action. This will get you awesome results and reconfirm your initial belief, that you can achieve whatever it is you wanted.

If I have confused you a little there, please watch the video. I hope you really take these concepts on board and start implementing them into your daily life.

Remember, success doesn’t happen because someone ‘got lucky’. Real hard-core success happens through dedicated hard work and massive action taking.

That’s all. 🙂

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