ClickBank University Review & Step By Step Walkthrough

Today I want to write an in-depth ClickBank University Review. This is the only product created by ClickBank themselves. For those who don’t know, is the largest digital marketplace in the world and 100,000+ people have found financial success with promoting products on ClickBank, both as Sellers and as Affiliates. After doing some basic research, I have found that some of the coaches, who give training in the product, are ClickBank Million Dollar earners.

Clickbank university review

[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”40″]So, what exactly is taught within ClickBank University?[/su_heading]

 Watch This Video For A Live Walk-Through.

As you can see, ClickBank University is designed to teach you how you can launch your own product by sharing your passion and knowledge. They go into great depth on how to set everything up from creating your first product, building your sales pages and up-sells, to the more advanced stuff like getting JV partners to promote your product. This may sound very technical and overwhelming and that’s why they also have additional software that allows you to literally create funnels, membership sites, sales pages, squeeze pages and so on with just a few clicks. They call it the ClickBank Builder.

Under the Class Sign Up tab is where you want to sign up to weekly training videos. This is free for all members and pretty much every single week, you will get access to more additional content and you can get all of your questions answered.

They also have an Affiliate tab, which includes a ton more training videos on how to become a successfully affiliate marketer, when promoting ClickBank products. This tab is very useful for beginners, who want to earn some extra income online but may be not ready to build a full-blown business just yet. The reason why I say this is because at the end of the day, you’re promoting other people’s products. You earn a commission, but you are not promoting your own product. That’s why I recommend you focus on the following the step-by-step guide to build your own product and only become an affiliate marketer on the side.

You will pretty much learn how to build your own email list of targeted leads and how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages. For advanced marketers, this may not be as useful but for beginners, this is affiliate marketing 101. 🙂

The last Training tab we have is the University Talk. Here we have multiple millionaires, who owe their success to ClickBank jump on a call and share their story. They share their knowledge and give you lots of tips and strategies on how to become successful by leveraging ClickBank’s marketplace.

To top it up, there is also a Community section, where you go in and introduce yourself and pretty much connect with other members. It’s a mini forum, so again you can also ask any questions that you need help with and also learn from other members, who are going through the same training.

[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”40″]So, should you join ClickBank University?[/su_heading]

My honest opinion is…maybe. In terms of knowledge about affiliate marketing, I’d say that my Super Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program is easily 10 times better and that’s trying NOT to be bias. That being said, if you would like to build your success around becoming a product creator on ClickBank and be able to use their Website Builder then I recommend testing out ClickBank University. Keep in mind that some contents are locked and can only be accessed once you stay a member for a certain period of time. This is designed to not overwhelm you, but at the same time I can see some people not being too happy with this.


I hope you guys enjoyed the honest review and video walk through. Feel free to leave a comment and share your experience in the comment section and let me know. 🙂

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