ClickMagick Review and Full Tutorial – Possibly the Best Tracking Tool?

Hey guys, today I want to review a new tracking tool called ClickMagick.

You can check out the main website here.

First of all, I’d like to stress that it is vital that you track absolutely everything!

For example, you will only know which squeeze page works better if you track.

If you are doing PPC marketing, you can only find out which keyword or campaign to scale if you have tracked everything down to the T.

Otherwise, you would just be marketing blindly and trust me friend, that will cost you a lot of money!

Bottom line is: Track everything you do!

Now, let’s skip all the fluff and let’s dive right into the tracking tool and all it’s features.

What You Will Discover

  • Importance of a tracking tool
  • Understanding Clickmagick’s metrics
  • How to analyze the data
  • Walk-through each of its features
  • My final thoughts of Clickmagick



[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]ClickMagick Feature #1: Newbie Friendly User Interface[/su_heading]

In order to track different parameters, you have to place a conversion pixel to track your opt-ins, conversions, up-sells and so on. You can also split test different links by placing them in a rotator with ClickMagick, which also gives you the ability to adjust the rotator to favour a certain URL and send more traffic to it.

However, you can also set it to 50-50 so that you can do some basic A/B split testing. Although all this may sound difficult, it really isn’t with ClickMagick because it is so user friendly.

Here is a screenshot of the interface:

click magick user interface

Just in case you’ve never bought a tracking tool before, let me break down these metrics.

  • TC = Total Clicks
  • UC = Unique Clicks
  • A = Actions (Usually Optins)
  • S = Sale if you control the sales page
  • SCR = Sales Conversion Rates
  • CPC = Cost Per Click
  • CPA = Cost Per Action
  • CPS  = Cost Per Sale
  • EPC = Earnings Per Click
  • ROI = Return Of Investment

ClickMagick makes it extremely easy to track your data. Believe it or not, some tracking tools are so complicated it takes a PhD degree to fully understand how everything works.

[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]ClickMagick Feature #2: Traffic Quality Score[/su_heading]

When buying traffic especially for Solo Ads, you want to make sure you track EXACTLY where the traffic is coming from. Some solo ads sellers will promise you stuff like 100% US traffic or Unique visitors and so on. Don’t trust what they say because your tracking tool will tell you everything.

As you can see below, I got a traffic score of 82 which is pretty good. I received 1,100 clicks from Tier 1 traffic, only 1 proxy click and only 13% of the traffic came from mobile users.

From this data alone, I can conclude that this solo ads seller is good and I will definitely buy more from them. This is why I love this “Traffic Score” feature.

Click magick traffic quality score


[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]ClickMagick Feature #3: Pop Ups[/su_heading]

There are lots of expensive tools for pop ups sold on the market.

The good news is that you won’t need any of that! ClickMagick has an in-built pop feature which allows you to further increase your marketing experience.

These pop ups are designed to increase click through rates, increase opt ins, apply scarcity through something like a count down timer and so on. Below is an example of the pop up feature.

click magick pop up


Haha, so the first one is a bad example but the second example is pretty good! And yes, those numbers on the pop up do count down so the scarcity is as real as it gets. It’s a combination of the pop up feature and the next feature which is the …

[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]ClickMagick Feature #4: Count Down Timer[/su_heading]

As seen from the example above, the only purpose of the count down timer is to apply scarcity.

Think about it. Imagine cloaking the sales page of an affiliate offer and applying the count down timer on the sales page. This will easily increase conversions without you having to do any extra work. It literally takes a couple of minutes and a few extra clicks.

Keep in mind that the count down timer needs to be integrated with the pop up feature like in the example above or you can integrate it with the next awesome feature which is…

[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]ClickMagick #5: Magic Bar[/su_heading]

Again, there are expensive software available which do the exact same things that the magic bar can do. Below is an example of what it looks like.

clickmagick magic bar


As you can see, we are able to cloak Wikipedia.com and add a Magick Bar to it.

This is completely legal and the potential of this feature is literally crazy. As shown in the image above, I was able to add the count down timer to the Magick Bar.

We can design it so it’s just text or just a plain image, so it’s really just up to you and what you plan to do.

Again, to create a Magick Bar, it’s literally only takes a few clicks and takes a couple of minutes.

[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]My Final Words[/su_heading]

I’ll be honest with you and say I am personally using ClickMagick.com myself.

I cancelled all the other tracking tools I used to use and migrated all my traffic sources over  to ClickMagick. This tool is seriously a no brainer and with the pricing structure, it makes it so much easier for newbies to get started.

Definitely one of the best tracking tools for newbies and for solo ad traffic.

Maybe the only downfall of this tool is the ability to pass multiple tokens and parameters so if you’re doing CPA marketing, I recommend you stick with tracking tools like CPVLab or Prosper202. Those tools are a lot more advanced and so they can be very pricey.

Clickmagick has a 14 day trial at no cost so click here to get started today and start tracking!

I hope you guys enjoy the review and feel free to leave a comment and add in anything that I’ve missed or let me know if you have any questions.

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