How To Get Accepted Into CPA Networks For Beginners – Step By Step Process

There are many different CPA networks in the marketplace and they all have one purpose, that is to help affiliates and advertisers make money. They are pretty much the middle man who takes care of everything like tracking, payments, conversions, support and so on. Read this post on “How to get started with CPA marketing

In return, these networks will keep a cut of the commissions and that is how they make their money.

What You Will Discover

  • Why there are so many different CPA networks
  • Why you need to apply to become an affiliate
  • Which networks are very newbie friendly
  • How to get accepted into most CPA Networks

Every CPA network will have different offers, different commission amount, and different payout times. So my advice is try and get accepted in a few CPA networks and never limit yourself to just one.

Another important reason why you want to get accepted into multiple networks is because CPA marketing can sometimes be a nightmare. You can get banned, high scrub rate, network shuts down, different conversion rates and so on.

Again, this is why I emphasize you learn how to get accepted and apply for as much as you can.

That being said, there is an application process and an approval process when it comes to becoming an affiliate for a network. That’s because fraud can easily happen within these networks.

Think about it, a person can just get 1,000,000 random people or bots to fill in a short form and become an instant millionaire. Remember, that most offers don’t need a valid credit card so it’s pretty hard to detect these fraudsters.

Hence, to protect themselves, they have an approval process to filter our unethical affiliates.

CPA Acceptance

The first step is find a CPA Network you want to join. Here is 3 newbie affiliate networks that are very trust worthy, has lots of offers and are very easy to get accepted.

All you need to do is head over to their websites and apply to become an “Affiliate” or “Publisher”.

Here is an example of what Peerfly’s application will look like:

Peerfly application

There’s actually a few more questions relating to marketing experiences on the next page but it’s fairly simple to fill out so don’t worry.

Tips When Filling In Your Application

1. Always Be Honest – This goes without saying… CPA Networks are not there to filter out newbies, their main goal is to filter our scammers. So make sure you fill out your right address, real name, DOB etc

2. This is NOT a must but highly recommended – Have your own website whether it’s a blog of a niche sites. Read this post here on “How to Start a Blog from Scratch” if you have no idea how to create a website.

If you rather not build a website and just want to mass market, fill in something like “WillDiscussViaIntervew.com. This will let them know that you just plan to mass market and don’t really have a website of your own.

3. If you know what Niche/offer you want to promote and what traffic source you’ll be using, that’s fine.

If not, I highly recommend you pick the “Dating” niche and say that you want to generate traffic through Plenty Of Fish.

This guide on “Promoting CPA Offers On Plenty Of Fish” will pretty much give you all the information you need to know.

4. Experience or No Experience? Again, be honest when filling in this section. If you are completely newbie and have never made a single dime online. Tell them that you are 100% serious and that you’re studying really hard.

If you’ve bought any courses, list them down that you can invested in courses, if you’ve been reading blog posts like this one, tell them!

Basically, they are NOT filtering marketers who are trying hard, they are filtering our scammers. So be honest and let them know that you’re ready to take action

5. Budget – This part is the hard part and as much as I want to say be honest, sometimes you can’t. If your REAL HONEST budget is something like $100. Then that will actually look pretty bad.

I recommend saying something like $500 – $1,000. This will let the network know that you’re serious and ready to market once you’re approved.

6. Other questions are pretty obvious so I won’t touch on them here. After you have filled in your application and have uploaded all the necessary documents to verify your identity.

The Next Step After Submitting Your Application

Usually, it will take 24-48 hours for the network to call you to have a little “Chat” about you, your experience and pretty much all the questions that were already asked in the application. They basically, just want to “Make Sure” that you are really who you are.

That being said, you DO NOT need to wait for them to call you. You can immediately call them after submitting your application and “Let Them Know” that you have just submitted an application.  This shows that you are very excited and not afraid to speak to the networks.

Lots of marketers FREAK OUT when they think about a phone screening with the CPA networks, I find that just stupid. You’re either in or you’re out, don’t apply then freak out when you get a phone call.

Be confident and just be you. Remember, at the end of the day, they want to filter out scammers not beginners.

The funny thing is that you’re almost guaranteed to get accepted at this point. I told you it’s nothing rocket science.

What To Do When You Get Disapproved

However, for some ridiculous reason, if you have been disapproved, make sure you know the reason why.

You can either call them or just email them asking for the reason you got disapproved. Use the information for to your advantage when applying for the next network or when re-applying a few months later down the track.

That’s pretty much it!

If you follow these simple process, I’m 100% sure that you can easily get into 10 or 20 different networks.

Now, stop doing research on how to get accepted and just take massive action!

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