How to Split Test and Optimize Squeeze Pages Efficiently

If you are sending traffic to your squeeze page to build your profitable list, I want to personally congratulate you on taking massive action, but you are only 50% there. 😛

The reason why I say this is because you need to learn how to split test and optimize squeeze pages in order to maximize your profits! If you don’t split test, you will never know how you could have improved the squeeze page to get optimal conversion and hence, you would be missing out on many potential leads.

What You Will Discover

  • How to split test all kinds of different squeeze pages
  • How changing small features can make a huge difference
  • How much traffic is considered enough
  • When to start optimizing your pages
  • Tips to best optimize your page
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To start off with…

Let me give a very quick example so you understand the power of these 2 skills.

Example 1:

  • Traffic = 1,000 visitors
  • Optin = 25%
  • Profits = $100

Most people with these stats will scale their campaign and the method that everyone uses to achieve this goal is to increase traffic. This is what it might look like:

  • Traffic = 2,000 Visitors
  • Optin = 25%
  • Profits = $200

Of course, if you have a profitable campaign, you can double your profits simply by increasing the traffic, right?

That is common sense 🙂

However, what if you can still earn twice as much without increasing traffic? That’s the good stuff we are talking about here!

Example 2:

  • Traffic = 1,000 visitors
  • Optin = 50%
  • Profits = $200

This article will teach you exactly how you can increase your profits by just increasing your opt in conversions. Now, if you increase your traffic, your profits will be multiplied by 4 and not 2 right?

Before I start though, I just want to say there are no right or wrong methods when it comes to split testing and optimization. (How many times have you heard me say that? ‘There is no right or wrong’… I hope by now you have realised that the knowledge of our industry is partly anecdotal and experimental.

Do what works best for you and do it hard! 🙂 )

I will show you what I’m doing for my campaigns, but I am confident that you can come up with your own method.

[su_heading size=”28″ margin=”40″]Step 1: Figuring out what squeeze page styles work the best.[/su_heading]

For example, take a look at these two squeeze pages, which I have placed side by side…

[su_frame]squeeze page split testing[/su_frame]

Now, which one do you think will convert better? – The answer is that we do not know until we split test.

I recommend that you have at least 500 clicks to each squeeze page, before you decide which squeeze page works better.  Here are some tips when you are split testing different squeeze pages.

  • Make sure it is split test with the same traffic source. For example, if you buy 200 clicks from a solo ads vendor, make sure you spread the traffic evenly to the two squeeze pages, so 100 clicks to each in our case. Don’t buy 200 clicks from Bob and send it all to squeeze page A, then buy 200 clicks from Jane, and send those clicks to squeeze page B. You WILL NOT get any accurate data because you have too many variables to play with.
  • Make sure, you have sufficient clicks going to the squeeze pages. Most people will decide after a few hundred clicks which squeeze page is working better. That’s why I recommend having at least 500 clicks. I prefer 1,000 clicks, but it’s up to you.
  • Make sure, the squeeze pages you are testing have the same angle. You want to have the same headline, body copy or call to action if possible. All we want to split test first is the design of the squeeze page (e.g. background color, placement of the call to action, video vs sales page, etc. – refer to the image above). Only change one variable at a time and keep the rest consistent.  So, remember you want to keep those variables (headline, body copy and call to action) controlled because they can also affect your conversions. More on this later.
  • Split test at least 3 different styles of squeeze pages. Basically Squeeze page A vs Squeeze page B vs Squeeze page C.

Now, after you have found a winning squeeze page, proceed to step 2!

[su_heading size=”28″ margin=”40″]Step 2: Split Testing The Headlines[/su_heading]

The headline is responsible for 90% of the conversion rate. This makes sense when you think about it, because the headline is what the prospect focuses on first when they see your squeeze page.

That’s why it is absolutely important you take your time creating your headlines. I recommend you read my  article on Copywriting if you are brand new to this industry.

So here are three headline angles which I use most often before I optimize.

  1. HYPE! Yeah, yeah. I know that hype is frowned upon in this industry, but if it makes money, use it! An example would be something like “Personal Trainer Discovered 3 Workout Routines To Build 6 Pack Abs In Just 30 days”.
  2. ATTACK! Depending on your market, this one can work very well. I was promoting an acne product on Clickbank through list building. So, I wrote a 15-page PDF that has basic content on face washing products and the importance of sleep in the prevention of acne. The angle I used was something like “It’s Your Fault You Still Have Acne”.
  3. RESULTS! Normally, I will do some research on the product’s sales page or testimonials and look for people with actual results. I will then take the results and put it into the squeeze page. Something like “Single Dad Was Able To Generate $23,203.32 By Using This Simple System” Make sure that the results can also be seen on the sales page to keep it congruent.

These three angles will you give you a good idea on what works and what doesn’t. Normally, I will suggest coming up with 10 different headlines or angles, but for squeeze pages, 3 should be enough. Once you find out which angle works the best, the next step is to combine it with your Call To Action.

[su_heading size=”28″ margin=”40″]Step 3: Combining Your Headline With Your Call To Action[/su_heading]

This doesn’t affect your conversion that much, because the headline does most of the job. But the call to action does help 🙂

For example:

  1. Get Instant Access
  2. Watch Video Here
  3. Download Report Now
  4. Download Your Report
  5. Continue
  6. Next Step
  7. Create Account
  8. Learn More

As you can see, you can literally split test forever. But as I said, the headline is the most important piece of the puzzle so I suggest you place all your focus there. Only then should you start split testing the call to action.

[su_heading size=”28″ margin=”40″]Step 4: Optimization[/su_heading]

OK. So by now, you should have a squeeze page with a style, headline and call to action that you are satisfied with. You should be making money and profiting by sending traffic to the squeeze page. If you haven’t, go back and do more split testing.

You only want to optimize once you have found a winning campaign.

Here is what you should be focusing on when optimize  your squeeze pages: different colours, BOLD, UNDERLINE, Different Text, different buttons etc. Make sure you ALWAYS have a control squeeze page to test against.

Changing the colour


When optmizing, don’t over do it. Just take it easy and optimize one variable at a time.

That’s pretty much it guys! I hope you enjoyed it and actually go out there and start split testing.

Remember, these 4 steps are not set in stone. You need to come up with your own formula and style because everyone’s budget is different and so you need to market differently.

If I left anything out, please do tell me in the chat box. 🙂

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