Newbie Launch Formula Review – Is It A TOTAL SCAM?

So there has a been a lot of buzz going on for this new product called Newbie Launch Formula (NLF). In this review I want to put it under the microscope and see if it is worth all the fuss. 


  • “OMG this is gold. 100% High Value”
  • “This is a game changer for me, what a great business model”
  • “Jani G is the REAL deal”
  • “It’s the greatest product since the invention of the Internet” (Okay, I made that one up 🙂 )

The above was just a handful of quotes that I found through various platforms on the internet and it really got me curious. So, I shot a Newbie Launch Formula review on video, in which I will answer questions about the product itself and also whether it is a scam or not.


First, let’s begin with the question…

[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”40″]What is Newbie Launch Formula?[/su_heading]

This program is based on the internet marketing business model of product launching. This consists of creating a product, in most cases a digital information product, whether it be eBooks, videos, memberships and so on, and then launching it to the market. Obviously, this is just the general outlook of the model, as there is a lot of preparation and communication that factors in between.

The idea of NLF is to teach all marketers alike, whether you are completely new to the game or a seasoned veteran, to be able to create such products and sell it to the masses. The person behind this program is Jani G (the G has yet to be deciphered), who has been in the internet marketing game for several years. He has created many products in the past, as well as collaborated with many other marketers, of which many were a huge success in the launch phase.

In August 2014, he decided to hold a live case study for 30 days. He managed to pull in 63 students to watch the process of him creating and launching a product with a bare minimum budget and no connections.

Clean slate. His aim was to make $100,000 with this live case study.

Every day, he shot a live webinar and revealed everything that he did on that day. His results were impressive.

You’re probably wondering, why I’m telling you all of this?

Well, he decided to release all of the recordings of every single webinar and placed it inside NLF. On top of that, he has an extra 4 modules of video training that will walk you step-by-step through how to engineer a successful launch campaign.

This ranges from:

  • Quickly creating an information product
  • Completing a sales funnel
  • Planning out your launch
  • Finding big joint venture partners and affiliates to promote it
  • Writing sales copy
  • Shooting sales videos
  • And more!

The general layout of this course is designed to teach even those, who have never created their own product by taking their hands through the entire process. Product launches are very lucrative IF done correctly and there is a lot of work to be done.

Can the entire process really be broken down and taught inside a program?

[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”40″]Does Newbie Launch Formula really deliver or is it a scam?[/su_heading]

In my honest opinion – NO, Newbie Launch Formula is not a scam.

The fact that Jani is willing to take on a big handful of students and teach them live on how to create a successful launch, is enough said. Did I mention that he ended up making well over $100,000? In fact it was around $250,000 in 30 days. What Jani teaches is clearly from his own experience as a product launcher and he definitely walks the talk. What is better than learning from a person, who has done it successfully on multiple occasions?

He deliberately laid it out to be as easy to learn as possible so that “newbies” can do it too. I completely endorse this product and so this is why Chuck and I decided to go the extra mile and offer you some sweet bonuses.

After you decide to get NLF through us, this is what you’ll get:

  1. FREE access to our Traffic Coaching Program. This consists of all your traffic needs and foundations needed to go out there to make a killing.
  2. Gain 14 days FREE access to our up-coming Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program once it hits the market.
  3. After you’ve gone through Newbie Launch Formula and ready to create your very own product, Chuck and I will be there to help you on your way. This means we will constructively critique your product and support you. Further, you can ask us any questions you like through Facebook, Skype or Email.

If you are serious about having a successful launch… You NEED to buy NLF. If you are VERY SERIOUS and want additional help and support from us, then I highly recommend you watch out for our next emails, because we will be limiting this bonus package to real action takers, since we only want to work with a small group of serious people.

Claim your spot here before the spots fill up! 

Thanks for reading my review of Newbie Launch Formula, I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, that’s our promise!

Appreciate you reading to the end.

Peace! 🙂

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