Optimize Press Review + Video Tutorial

Let’s face it: Not many of us marketers can create a professional looking websites from scratch in less than 5 minutes. 🙂

This is why we decided to do an Optimize Press Review, since we are using this plugin ourselves to create all our websites, landing pages, launch funnels, authority websites and so on.

What You Will Discover

  • What exactly is OptimizePress
  • Who is it used for
  • How to use it for your marketing campaigns
  • Added features
[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]What is Optimize Press?[/su_heading]

Optimize Press is a WordPress theme and plugin, which allows you to create different types of pages and membership sites.

You can choose to use their variety of templates, which you can modify to a great extent to your liking. For those who are more creative, you can also start building the site from scratch.

The beauty of it is that there are over 40 different custom ‘Elements’ which you can readily add to your page and customize.

[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″] Who Is Optimize Press For?[/su_heading]

Optimize Press is for those, who…

  • have limited or no website design skills,
  • want to speed up the process of creating different pages,
  • don’t want to keep spending a fortune to outsource the creation of different pages,
  • want the ability to customize all aspects of their pages to their liking.

Of course, if your intention is to build a membership site, Optimize Press is also for you.

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[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”40″] Features of Optimize Press[/su_heading]

If you have read this post thus far, you can probably tell that I am emphasizing the fact that it is very easy to use Optimize Press.

Mind you, we have ‘tech-tards’ in our team and if they were able to use Optimize Press, you will definitely be able to create beautiful pages as well. (I don’t want to point fingers 🙂 )

Watch this Video to see how you can add or modify the various elements on the page using Live Editor.

Okay, even though Optimize Press is user friendly, if you do get stuck at any time, their friendly Tech Support Team is always on stand-by to give you a helping hand.

Other great and powerful features are:

  • Fully responsive mobile optimized pages. This is great because now you don’t have to bother with HTML codes that resize your page to different devices so that it does not look out of whack.
  • Over 30 pre-made templates to choose from. However, keep in mind that you can customize absolutely everything on your page.

Something that might be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage to Optimize Press is its cost. With Optimize Press you pay a one-time fee.

In my opinion, that is very affordable and fairly cheap, compared to similar products like Kajabi, which charge you a recurring monthly fee.

Now, if you are even considering of getting something like Optimize Press and you are a serious marketer, I would recommend you to get Optimize Press to start out.

The only other disadvantage I can think of is this: You have so many options!

For example, let’s talk about the columns alone that you can have on your website. Obviously, you can choose to have just one column. However, you have the option of up to 5 columns and you can specify the width or ratio of each column. Do you see where I am going with this? For me, I like things simple. So most of the times I will not choose anything more than 3 columns.

Remember, to check out the OptimizePress Video Tutorial.

If you are using Optimize Press as well, I would like to hear your opinion on it or if  you have any questions at all, feel free to leave me a comment below.

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