How To Outsource Your Work On Fiverr For Instant Freedom

Welcome to this mini tutorial on How To Outsource Your Work On Fiverr.

We all know the power of outsourcing work to other people, especially it saves us a lot of time and effort.

What You Will Discover

  • Why Outsourcing On Fiverr Is So Advantageous
  • How To Determine Which Seller To Hire
  • How To Look For Seller Rating/Reviews
  • How To Look For Find Addition Gigs By The Same Seller

Outsourcing tedious tasks will free up your day, so that you can attend more important tasks. Let’s dive right into it!

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[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”30″][/su_heading] is one of the most popular outsourcing platforms, when it comes to digital tasks.

You can literally pay someone $5 and get them to do some of the most daunting tasks like shooting videos, writing articles, creating designs, setting up WordPress and so on.

There are lots of people on, who are willing to work for you. There you will find hundreds of people offering similar service and sometimes you just don’t know who to hire.

[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”30″]What To Look For When Outsourcing On Fiverr[/su_heading]

The first and very obvious factor that determines if you should hire someone is his or her rating.

Buyers are allowed to rate the seller and leave a review on the service that was delivered.

Take this image for example…

[su_frame]How to outsource on fiverr[/su_frame]

As you can see, there are 2071 5-stars reviews and the seller also has a 98% positive rating.

This means that his seller has had over 2,000 buyers and has been in the game for a very long time.

Make sure you actually spend some time reading through the reviews and see what others are saying.

When it comes to reviews/rating, there will always be ways to manipulate it like asking a friend or building connections between sellers, so that they can give each other positive reviews.

That being said, rating and reviews should give you a good indication of the quality of their service.

Next, you want to look at the seller’s level of service.

Every new seller on Fiverr will start off as Level 1. As they sell more services and get positive feedback and ratings, they will be upgraded to level 2 and then ultimately become a “Top Rated Seller”.

If you’re very picky, you can just only hire top rated sellers, because they now have a reputation to manage.

You can learn more about Fiverr’s different level system directly on their website by clicking here.

Another way to determine if the seller is trustworthy is to check if they are selling other services.

Most sellers, who’ve been in the game for a while, will sell multiple services on Fiverr and if all their rating and reviews are good, you know they are taking their work seriously.

At the bottom of every gig there is a “Other gigs by…” section, where you can check out what else they are selling.

[su_frame]related gigs on fiverr[/su_frame]

If you’re still unsure and really want to know if you should hire a specific seller, then the most logical step to do is contact them directly.

Every seller should have a “Contact Me” section below their profile, which allows buyers to ask any questions they want. is an awesome place to get your work done and it’s very affordable. If you haven’t used Fiverr to outsource some of your work yet, then I highly recommend you do so now.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide and please feel free to leave a comment, if you have any other suggestions or tips.

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