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Have You Had Your Lucky Break Yet?

“You’re lucky that you are able to work at home and make a living” Have you ever heard that statement from your friends, family or people you have just met? I know I have, quite often too! It actually pisses me off when I hear them say that. What does success have anything to do with […]

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Motivational Video #3: Pain is Temporary…

There’s not much for me to say in this post. Just know that all successful people have failed in their life. However, what distinguishes them from failures is the fact that they have picked themselves up again and moved forward.  “You have to believe that something different can happen… those who think they can and those […]

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Motivational Video #2: Prepared To Die?

I don’t know how many times I watched this video, but let’s just say it’s almost in the thousands (LITERALLY). I remember when I first started and was overwhelmed to death… 🙁 I actually remember crying at night, because I thought I was a failure… You see, I had already left my job. If I failed internet […]

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