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Motivational Video #1

“The more you do something, the better you become at it!”  In other words, practice makes perfect! That’s how my parents used to teach me how to do maths. Maybe it is an Asian thing, but their philosophy was that the more maths questions I solved, the better I would become at it… and, I […]

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Andy’s Foundation to Internet Marketing

How’s it going? Andy here with a short message. Before you start to watch the video below, have a thought about the following questions: What the foundation of internet marketing is? Is it marketing experience? Knowledge? Technical skill level? What is 100% necessary to smash your online business out of the water? Check out the video and find […]

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Chuck’s Big Rant On Complainers!

Hey guys, Chuck here! Shooting videos like this one here really does annoy me, because it’s just so stupid. 🙁 However, the high failure rate in our industry really, really makes me sick. Either way, I hope you enjoy the video and really do take in what I have to say. NOTE: Please don’t flag the video 🙁 If […]

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