What Are Solo Ads and Why Are They so Lucrative?

Where to start? Let’s just say solo ads are without a doubt the easiest and simplest traffic generation method possible! That is why I love solo ads so much!

If you can send money via Paypal, you will not have any problems buying an enormous amount of traffic online! I’m talking about unlimited of traffic… of course, there are some precautions you need to take like testing the quality of the solo ads traffic. I have discussed them in detail in this post on “How to test traffic from solo ads sellers”.

What You Will Discover

  • What exactly are solo ads
  • How to buy solo ads
  • Why you should tap into solo ad traffic
[su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]What Exactly Are Solo Ads?[/su_heading]

In a nutshell, essentially solo ads are paid email traffic. There are lots of marketers in our industry, who build a huge subscribers list but then instead of monetizing it by promoting affiliate products or their own products, they sell the traffic to other marketers like ourselves.

Back in the days, a solo ad would be ONE single email broadcasted to the entire email list. Regardless of how many people opened, clicked or bought, the price was set in stone. So let’s say Bob has a list of 40,000 subscribers and he sells a solo ad for $2,000. How it works is that you contact Bob and pay him the $2,000. Then he will send out an email to the entire list of 40,000 subscribers with your subject line and body copy and the transaction is over.

Due to the obvious risk and the high costs involved, lots of little fishes (or marketers) couldn’t afford to buy traffic this way. That’s why solo sellers started to sell clicks instead.

So again, let’s say Bob (with the same list) sold solo ads for $0.60 a click. You can go to him and say you want to buy 400 clicks. Bob will now ONLY need to email a portion of his list until he delivers all the 400 clicks.

Since the change of solo ads, lots of low budget marketers are able to tap into quality email traffic that they couldn’t afford back in the days. Obviously, you need to do some thorough research first before you blindly entrust a solo ad vendor with your money.

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[/sociallocker] [su_heading size=”24″ margin=”40″]Why is it so lucrative?[/su_heading]

Well, think about it!

These subscribers entered their email address and subscribed for only one reason, which usually is because they are interested in what the publisher has to offer. Whether it’s a free eBook, weekly newsletter or what not, these leads are very targeted to that specific niche.

On top of that, depending on how the solo ads seller treats their list, sometimes you will find that these leads are hungry to buy what you have to offer.

This is totally different with cold traffic like that from banner ads. Email traffic is semi-warm and so the leads are more likely to open an email, clicking the link and watching the sales video.

That being said guys…

There are a lot of scammers out there looking to prey on the unsuspecting marketer. Also remember that not all lists are equal. In fact, very far from it. 🙁  That’s why you need to know how to look for good solo sellers with a trustworthy reputation.

Before buying traffic from solo ads sellers, I recommend you have a list of questions to ask first.

That’s all for this post and feel free to leave a comment!

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