Why You Must Capture Leads or You Will Fail Miserably

OK, OK, I joke! 🙂 You won’t really literally fail if you don’t capture leads, but capturing leads will definitely help you succeed!

When it comes to internet marketing, there’s really only one way to make money. That is you present an offer in front of your target audience. The product can be of any nature, i.e. CPA, CPS, CPL, services, your own product or anything really.

You won’t make any money if your target audience doesn’t land on your offer page.

Now here is the key question: If 1,000 people see your offer,  how many of them will take the necessary action, so that you can get paid?

  • 1%?
  • 2%?…
  • maybe 10%?

So what’s happening to the other people, who just leave but have shown interest in what you have to offer?

If you don’t capture their emails, they are GONE! GONE FOR GOOD! That’s why building your email list and capturing their email is SO important! It allows you to further communicate with your leads, further market to them and build that relationship which ultimately leads to more sales!

The moral of the story is this guys…

If you have the opportunity to capture leads…

DO IT without any hesitation!

Please share what you think about building a list. 

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