Japanese girl fashion

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But have you ever wondered. In a country that is famous for fashion like this, Japanese girl walking down the street What kind of trends do they have that are always popular. 

Japan is a country with many subcultures. But no matter what your taste, you can easily find someone with a similar style because there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. which is besides New York or Milan Tokyo is another city known for its fashion. It is full of creative people who are crazy about dressing up.

Plaid pattern

Usually, Japanese girls only wear one fashion item in one look. In order not to look at the pattern too much It can be a shirt, skirt, pants, bag or scarf. Then control the tone of the rest of the outfit to be a simple color. So that we don’t compete for the scene actually, this plaid pattern Not just girls But Japanese men like to wear them too. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Knitted wool sweater

By the wool sweater that we often see Japanese girls wearing. There will be both regular round necks and turtlenecks during the winter. Japanese girls wear it with a long skirt. Or a short skirt with black stockings over it (some girls with beautiful legs I want to show my legs even though the weather is cold ) Anyone who likes a bit of sassiness might wear it with jeans. It’s easy to pair with flats, high heels, or boots.

Long overalls

By Japanese style overalls It’s usually simple. If it’s not denim, it’s plain colored fabric. Minimal or plaid There are two side pockets. A look that is often seen That is, if you want to decorate it sweetly Will match with a long sleeve shirt. Plaid overalls with beret and short boots with short socks. But if you want a minimalist look, Muji Style is a white short-sleeved shirt. Plain overalls, boots, or sneakers. And a wide-brimmed hat.

Long skirt

The types of long skirts that are often seen are long pleated skirts, pleated skirts, long skirts with many layers overlapping. which are usually made of thin, flowing cloth Wear it and it makes you look sweet. Look even more feminine. May be paired with flats, high heels, or boots.

Long dress

Dresses that Japanese girls like to wear Both sleeveless and long sleeve available. There may be a little bit of lace decoration. If it’s summer, you’ll see a lot of women walking around wearing sleeveless dresses. If the weather starts to get cold, they will wear something more intimate. Fabrics tend to be thin, flowing, fitted or slightly looser. I rarely wear anything too oversized. It feels very feminine. Match with sandals. Low heels, high heels, or boots are all fine.

Sailor collar shirt

The general look that we often see girls with. Japanese marriage is Pair a sailor collar shirt with a simple pleated above-the-knee skirt. Or mostly plaid patterns. Every once in a while I see them paired with long skirts (similar to wearing a school uniform again). You rarely find a look worn with pants. Maybe because they don’t seem to fit together. Finish off the look with court shoes, sneakers, or flats. Wear short socks that show your ankles, like this in Japan.